Friday, October 24, 2008

Tie My Shoes

I was really surprised that Jadon can actually recite this rhyme. I would have wanted to grab the credit and say that it was the fruit of teaching him.

But the truth is, it's the result of having watched the same Barney episode over and over until he memorized everything said in it. He would pick a certain CD and view it for one week. Soon, you would hear him say the script ahead of the characters. His current fave is Dora the Explorer. I can hear him count in Spanish, and say sube when he's climbing and abre when he wants to open something.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

F is Fragrance

For Me.

Which I need right now. My CK One is almost empty. Same goes with my Davidoff Cool Waters For Women and Alfred Sung Jewel. The reason why I was really REALLY excited to go to Hong Kong last September was that I would be able to shop for perfumes cheaply. But then, I became devastated to learn that the prices were not that low anymore.

So, I would either go to the Duty Free Shop or shop in the internet through ShopWiki. ShopWiki would find me the stores and then i can compare their prices. Isn't that great? I would not waste my time and energy going from store to store. And more importantly, I would have the best prices :)

I am quite undecided yet on what to buy. But, definitely, I want the scent of jasmine. Now, should I go for a newer perfume such as Lancôme Magnifique or go with the Classic Chanel No. 5?

What do you think?

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Room Renovations

We have been living in our "new" house for almost two years and I am thinking of redecorating or re-designing some of our rooms. But it would take so much of my time, so I would start with one room at a time.

First is the Bedroom. It's the only room that we occupy everyday.

I am thinking of adding more bedroom furniture. The room is almost empty with just the bed at the center. A dresser would greatly help me when I want to fix myself before getting out of the house. I do not have to go to the bathroom just to see if I am all properly made up.

Another bedroom furniture that I would like to have is a platform bed. It would be very convenient for us since we are co-sleeping with our kid (which would soon become plural hehehe). My son is a restless sleeper and likes to sleep at the edge of the bed. Having a platform bed would definitely ease my worries of him falling hard from the bed.

I also want to buy some nightstands or night lamps for our room. Both hubby and son cannot sleep with the lights on. But I am a late sleeper and I sometimes take my paperwork home. I think the lamps would solve my dilemma :)

Although it may not be considered a bedroom furniture, I would put a bookshelf in the room. I like it when the book I want to read is just within my reach.

I think I have everything that I need for a new bedroom. Now, what style do I want? A Country-style bedroom or an Italian bedroom? What do you think?

Wednesday, September 17, 2008


to get a greater vantage point at

see you there!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

LP : Pilak

Ito ang aking pinakatatanging pilak. Regalo ito sa akin ng aking kabiyak noong nakaraang kaarawan ko. Sana ay sa paglipas ng panahon, mananatili itong matibay upang aking maipapamana sa aking anak. Ito ang aking Pilak sa Litratong Pinoy.

This is my cherished silver. It was given as a birthday gift by my husband. I hope that its value would remain unchage so I can leave it to my descendant. This is my Silver for Litratong Pinoy.