Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Room Renovations

We have been living in our "new" house for almost two years and I am thinking of redecorating or re-designing some of our rooms. But it would take so much of my time, so I would start with one room at a time.

First is the Bedroom. It's the only room that we occupy everyday.

I am thinking of adding more bedroom furniture. The room is almost empty with just the bed at the center. A dresser would greatly help me when I want to fix myself before getting out of the house. I do not have to go to the bathroom just to see if I am all properly made up.

Another bedroom furniture that I would like to have is a platform bed. It would be very convenient for us since we are co-sleeping with our kid (which would soon become plural hehehe). My son is a restless sleeper and likes to sleep at the edge of the bed. Having a platform bed would definitely ease my worries of him falling hard from the bed.

I also want to buy some nightstands or night lamps for our room. Both hubby and son cannot sleep with the lights on. But I am a late sleeper and I sometimes take my paperwork home. I think the lamps would solve my dilemma :)

Although it may not be considered a bedroom furniture, I would put a bookshelf in the room. I like it when the book I want to read is just within my reach.

I think I have everything that I need for a new bedroom. Now, what style do I want? A Country-style bedroom or an Italian bedroom? What do you think?

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Ronald said...

My pick, country-style :)