Friday, October 24, 2008

Tie My Shoes

I was really surprised that Jadon can actually recite this rhyme. I would have wanted to grab the credit and say that it was the fruit of teaching him.

But the truth is, it's the result of having watched the same Barney episode over and over until he memorized everything said in it. He would pick a certain CD and view it for one week. Soon, you would hear him say the script ahead of the characters. His current fave is Dora the Explorer. I can hear him count in Spanish, and say sube when he's climbing and abre when he wants to open something.

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mirage2g said...

sis, di ko maview yung video. Anyway, such shows are really good help. My youngest (2 1/2) recites Kung fu Panda dialogues and sings japanese songs because of hearing them a lot =D

OK lang naman, you can also sing and recite it with him...

Happy weekend!