Wednesday, April 2, 2008


After a brief discussion, hubby and i decided that it was time for me to have my own handy digital camera. We found that this Olympus model would suit my lifestyle best. It is shockproof, crushproof and waterproof, which thankfully would not mind my tendency to drop things, especially in the water. And it is also ready-to-click, unlike hubby's Canon EOS which never fails to test my patience whether as the subject or the one taking the picture.

My camera (oooh, i love that sound!) arrived just this Monday. And today, while i was consuming my last remaining minutes of lunch break surfing the net, i happened to read meeya's entry on Litratong Pinoy. And though i have not yet been officially accepted as a member, i will try to participate in its Thursday events. Yippeeee!

Is it providence?

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MrsPartyGirl said...

yey sali ka rin!! :D kita kits tayo dun, pati si judy nag-sign up din :D si angela pinipilit ko pa hehehe.