Friday, September 5, 2008

Road Rant

We were running late this morning. After dropping off hubby, I drove our car. What a manic road full of crazy drivers! There were men-at-work signs in every street I passed.

Selfish bus and jeepney drivers were already expected at the corner of Buendia Ave. and Donada St. They would stop and wait for passengers while other cars were waiting to pass through. So, I was there waiting for about 3 minutes for an opportunity to turn right.

At the end of Donada lies Vito Cruz St. which used to be a one-way street, then changed into two-way when the new mayor assumed the post. But currently, due to repairs being done, it is a one-lane-but-two-way street.

Then I reached Adriatico and turned left toward Leveriza. To the best of my knowledge, it is a one-way street. But then, the pedicab drivers have no respect to one-way streets and they get angry at you for "obstructing" their way. Thus, while I was trying to avoid the pedicab in front me, the one at my rear was tapping the car and shouting, threatening and ordering me to move on.

Anyway, I was happy to reach San Andres St. And since there was no sign of NRTOR, turning right at Mabini would be easy. But this eff-ing cab cuing at the middle of the street went to the right lane and waited for the green light because it was not turning right! I could not pass through. Ugh! I am a zillion minutes late for work!

After what seemed to be two hours, I was finally at the parking lot and saw this:

Thank God, today is the last day of the week!

And that is why I support, albeit passively, a gunless society!


Rowena said...

hello, nice site you got here. we're plurk buddies. will link you in my site. same sentiments here re: bad/rude drivers. sarap barilin mga gulong ng sasakyan nila...grrrr.

Dragon Lady said...

hey, hey, hey! i miss driving naman... i haven't been driving everyday to work for about a month na ata. paminsan-minsan na lang kapag weekends and usually short distances, per hubby's orders. huhu.

but it's better to be safe than sorry for our first baby, di ba?

geeesh, ngayon lang ulit ako nakapag-bloghop (if visiting your site & mia's can be considered as such, huh?)... crazy, crazy sked since aug and even until the end of the month at work!!!

miss you guys, miss LP, too... :-(